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The Friendship Baptist Church of The Colony  Youth Ministries

Missions Statement: Shaping Young Lives Into the Image of Christ”

Today’s youth are facing a myriad of challenges that our enemy uses to keep our children from meeting their full potential. It’s critical that our youth are provided the foundational skills that are necessary to grow spiritually, physically and emotionally. Equally important is that our youth are provided opportunities to use their gifts in a manner that glorifies God and serves others.

The Friendship Baptist Church of The Colony (FBCTC) Youth Ministry is focused on engaging, equipping and empowering our youth to meet the challenges that they will face in life. Through these pillars we will foster an environment that allows our children to grow in their relationship with God and lead impactful lives in their communities and around the world. I want our youth to realize that God wants to do great things for you and even greater things through you! He has a wonderful plan for each one of your lives so always give him your best praise and your best service.

Rev. Kenneth Williams, Youth Minister

FBCTC Youth Ministry: “Engaging, Equipping and Empowering Our Youth”

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